Positivity Kicks In


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Transform your garden into a stunning sight

This summer, transform your garden into an ever more stunning paradise! All you need is sufficient sunlight. Just place it in the water where sunlight is adequate, and wait for the magic to happen. 

The circulation of water helps improve the pH level of water (pH refers to "potential of hydrogen") and this will contribute to longevity of your fish in the aquarium, and plants in your pond. It will also attract birds, creating a beautiful sight in your garden.

  • Automatically spouts water when the solar panel is powered by sunlight
  • Perfect for transforming any kind of fountain, bird bath or pond into an eco-friendly and energy-efficient wonder!
  • Fully solar powered - No batteries or electricity needed


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Turn your garden into a paradise for birds, fish and plants

 let the Positivity Kick In⚡️

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