Chess Set Battleground

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Are you looking for Chess set Battleground?

Then this is the one for you! Our Dragon kingdom chess set can be elegantly displayed in any room of the chess enthusiast. Glass chess board is supported by a war-torn castle, complete with remnants from previous battles.

Chess Set Battleground Table Top Isometric Profile

Quality: On a glass chess board resting atop a war-ravaged castle strewn with the remains of battles. A unique ornament for home, collectible items and also a splendid idea as a gift since it immaculately combines artistic detail, finesse and exceptional character.

Engaging design: Fire-breathing beasts battle for supremacy above the charred remains of dragon warriors that perished in this never-ending battle. Perched atop four corners of the kingdom, these winged monsters will not rest until they strategically best their opponent. A thrilling and visually stunning way to enjoy a rousing game of chess.

User-friendly: The Dragon kingdom chess set is held aloft by the four towers of the castle; the grave remains of previous clashes are below. Prepare for battle and defend your kingdom with this intricate and breathtaking medieval-inspired chess set.


  • Chess Sets make an excellent addition to any game collection
  • Elevate this complex strategy game from a simple board with classic pieces to a work of art,
  • A unique 3-D fantasy dragon-themed chess set puts you in control of a team of dragon warriors
  • This set features pewter pieces with a poly-resin base making them attractive durable and fun to use.
  • The 2- 3/4" king height is a perfect size, along with the weight of pewter it offers an ideal feel in your hand.
  • Glass board measures 13.5" square.


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