Dog Microchip GPS Tracker Monitor - Waterproof

$64.99 $120

This is an intelligent GPS tracker for pets. With this item, you will no longer need to worry about your pet's going missing. It supports remote voice monitoring. When you are at work, you can use the remote voice monitor function to monitor what the pet is doing now. So you can at any time know the situation of your pet. If the pet is running away from you, you can use the remote calling function to call it back.

  • FREE mobile APP for both Android and iOS system, and Free IE URL for live tracking
  • 500mah battery capacity, standby time 3-5 days; Waterproof level: IP65
  • A historical route, the user can check 3 months' historical route; Geofence alarm, the user can get an alarmed notice when the pet is out of the range
  • Dual model positioning, GPS positioning accuracy: 5-10m, Base station positioning accuracy: 500-1000m
  • Text & Email Alerts – On-demand notifications via an app.


Important Notice Before Purchasing:
(1) This GPS Tracker D79 just can work with 2G GSM network. It does not support 3G,4G Or 5G network. If your country have closed the 2G network, we suggest you choose 3G or 4G GPS tracker in our store.
(2) It must work with Micro Size SIM card, and the SIM card must be compatible with 2G GSM network, please understand !
(3) These coutries can not use this product Singapore,Korea, North Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia. We can locate almost country all around world.D79_02D79_03D79_04D79_05D79_07D79_08D79_09D79_10D79_11D79_12D79_13D79_14D79_15D79_16


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