Electric Foot Calf And Leg Massager Machine

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Are you Looking for leg Massager?

Then this is the one for you, you may need a massager that matter young people works in office or parents stay at home, this leg massager can safely and easily relieve your fatigue for daily use and improve circulation after long-term use. The air compression leg massager is used to massage your feet and calves, pressing the foot and calf muscle from lower to upper to relieve fatigue and improve the blood circulation.

THE LEG WRAPS CAN BE ADJUSTED, The Velcro-fitted leg wraps easily adjust to meet your personal fit and ideal comfort. You to select the intensity which sends the dual calf and foot massager to immediately begin soothing your aching muscles. If the pressure is too uncomfortable to even at the lowest setting, simply loosen the Velcro fitting to reduce the compression.

TO RELAX YOUR TITED AND ACHING MUSCLES, The Leg Massager for Chronic Pain Relief employs a soothing air compression rhythmic massage action on your aching calves and feet, improving leg circulation; providing lasting relief from pain and fatigue; and speeding up the healing and recovery of tired painful muscles.

9 Intensities, You can easily control this massager by the handheld controller. You can enjoy different massage experience from light to tight, fit for you and your family use. The corded design allows for consistent power all the time. Choose a setting that works best for you for an optimal relaxation experience that helps to alleviate fatigue and pain.


  • Suitable for all kinds of skins, for home use.
  • Match with essential oil, it will lead the essential oil absorption.
  • The stubborn fat on your body won't go away even though you have tried everything including diet or exercise? Now with this powerful fat burner machine which can help you get rid of stubborn fat, you can regain your confidence and put your beautiful dress on. Mechanical vibration can make collagen fiber shrink and accelerate the rate of decomposition, especially useful for stubborn fat.


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