• Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic Eyelashes

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We proudly present you the amazing Magnetic Eyelashes !


  • Glamorous & Natural Look 
  • No Struggle with Glue 
  • Save Time Everyday  
  • Save Money - They are reusable!

The Unique Eyelashes gives you luxurious length and volume, without that “false lash” effect. Who says glamorous lashes can’t look natural? If you love the look of long, sexy, luxurious lashes — but hate putting in the work — Magnetic Eyelashes are the way to be.

Magnetic eyelashes


·         Before application, curl your natural lashes and apply some mascara to them. This gives some texture for the magnets to grip. Do not apply mascara to the false lashes as this will reduce their lifespan. Curling your lashes is especially recommended for our dramatic version of lashes to avoid the "droopy" look.


·         Before application, bend the top lash band to get a nice curve to it so it follows the natural curve of your eyes. You can bend it as much as you need until you get a satisfactory curve. However, do not make too much of a dramatic curve as that will make the lashes stick up in the middle.


·          Important: To ensure your magnetic eyelashes are applied as close to the lashline as possible: when following the instructions diagram below, firmly hold the top lash as close to the lashline as possible with one hand while bringing the bottom magnet strip up with the other hand so that they magnetize close to the lashline.


·         Important: After magnetizing one corner of the eye but before magnetizing the second bottom lash strip, make sure the top lash is aligned with your lashline properly to your liking (no gaps, no sticking up, flat on the lashline). Press and Hold the top lash firmly in this position with one hand and then with the other bring the second bottom lash strip up to the second corner until they magnetize. Do not push the one corner towards the middle - this will result in a gap in the middle.

Magnetic eyelashes


Works in seconds, no glues or adhesives required.


Your lashes will stay in place until you decide to take them off.


One set is all you need for long-lasting results.


No glue, no serum means no toxins — so you don't have to worry about damaging your natural lashes, or changing the colour of your pupils.


Enjoy the glamour of high-end, salon extensions, for a fraction of the cost. 


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Please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and all European Union Countries.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.


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