Mini camera remote control electric tank car


Mini camera remote control electric tank car

Note that only IOS system is supported. Android system is re-developed and temporarily unavailable.   

Product information:   

 Product number: 777-270    

Tank size: 12*10*10CM     

Color box size: 17*8*24CM      

Product color: white / silver gray    

Power configuration: Lithium battery 3.7V/450Mah, with USB cable charging   Charging time: 120 minutes    

Travel time: about 50 minutes (depending on battery capacity)   

Remote control distance: about 15 meters     

Product Features:       Forward, backward, left turn, right turn, left rotation, right rotation, camera (20 meters), camera, real-time transmission, 300,000 pixels       

feature of product:    

With wifi signal transmission, just touch (sshake) the iPhone/iPad in your hand, you can easily remotely control the tank forward/reverse/left turn/right turn/camera/camera (the camera can be adjusted in height, this is our The originality of the factory is different from that produced by other manufacturers), and the captured images are transmitted on your mobile phone in real time, allowing you to truly experience the fun of spy cars! !     


 1. Click on the App Store on the mobile desktop  

 2. Enter "i-spy mini" to search and download the installation software (please note that downloading the software is completely free)   

3. After downloading, please regard the tank as a wireless route. Connect to the WIFI page to view the SSID name under the tank. The default password: 000000000 After the connection is successful, you can enter the control interface and start the remote control tank.   

 4. Remote interface operation, that is, pushing the remote interface displayed on the mobile phone to control the tank  

 5. Gravity sensing operation, that is, click the gravity icon in the upper right corner of the remote control interface, and then shake the phone to control the tank.   Scan the QR code directly and download it!

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