Portable Oxygen Spray Water Injection Hydro Jet Machine


Function: clean the face, remove dead skin, firm skin, rejuvenate,
Model: Facial Beauty
Size: 26 * 23.5 * 6.4cm / 10.2 * 9.3 * 2.5 inches
Standard voltage: 220V
Skin machine frequency: 50 / 60HZ
Optional plug: EU, USA, Australia,
Voltage: 110V / 220V
Features: small bubble vacuum to attract beauty equipment
Function: Spa Salon Facial: Remove Blackheads

Bubble skin care principles and advantages:
Principle: The small bubbles are mixed with the nutrient medium to form a suction under vacuum, and the micro-foam skin can be kept in contact for a long time by directly contacting the skin with a specially designed spiral tip. By vacuuming, the micro-foam removes deep dirt and dead skin granules from scars and defects, and provides long-lasting nourishment to the skin, leaving the skin moisturized and smooth.
1. The function of the small bubbles is to purify the hair follicles, eliminating keratin, fat, blackheads and whiteheads. Adsorbs the leather bag, effectively cleans the skin, dissolves the garbage on the cell wall, and moisturizes the skin.
2. Whitening and improving the skin. Stimulates skin tissue and hair follicles, delays skin aging and improves skin elasticity.
3. Deep cleansing while providing adequate water, oxygen and nutrient media to the skin.
4. Remove blackheads, shrink pores, improve skin softness and improve skin transparency.
5. Skin care techniques for reconstitution and non-invasive skin care before and after cosmetic treatment.
6. Small bubbles have the characteristics of health, speed, good effect and high customer satisfaction.
7. The spiral tip designed for small bubbles keeps the micro-foam in contact with the skin and works long hours.
8. It also provides nourishing skin in clean working mode.
9. Remove old keratinocytes and keep young cells accurate.
10. The unique nutrients are introduced into the head of the machine, and the absorption of skin nutrition is good.
11. Encourage the head of the machine to be individually designed to ensure personnel, work heads and avoid crossovers.

packing list:
1 x host
2 x bottle
1 x mobile phone
8 x crystal head




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